• Image of Vipdout 3 Level Rear Tray Extended

This is Very much like the 3 level rear however it will sit down in your center aisle in the rear footwell

We have created a few and these have taken off so well that we decided to place them on the site.

36 inch length total.

Once the order is placed we would need to know the length to the base to create the polished piping

Any questions or inquiries please contact a VipdOut representative near you.

James Church - California

Daniel Coffey - Texas

Dennis Tangonan - Guam

Vipdout Disclaimer: These Custom Vip Trays are for Show use only. They have not been proven to be safe in vehicles or in accidents. Once these are sold Vipdout has no liability with the table in your car. Please be safe and drive responsible. No refunds are these are handmade to order. please ensure correct color prior to placing order. thank you