• Image of Vipdout "Lego" Vip tray

We have done a few of these in the past and seems like more have asked for this model too. We purchase a few lego bases and make a few models for all the cars. These come in only Grey, Green, and Blue and we offer the Grey, there are many styles out there, we ensure to purchase real Lego Boards. Only recently we have seen other colors offered in black, white, and other colors, however those are off brands.

This Tray for your car. 2 different models, type 1 and type 2 also in Right have drive models too.

These Trays are all Handmade, so allow 3/4 week Delivery time frame and we provide all brackets, hardware, install instructions and also side stabilizer.

We also purchase a Lego theme that comes with the order. Its a surprise when you get it.

Vipdout Disclaimer: These Custom Vip Trays are for Show use only. They have not been proven to be safe in vehicles or in accidents. Once these are sold Vipdout has no liability with the table in your car. Please be safe and drive responsible. No refunds are these are handmade to order. please ensure correct color prior to placing order. thank you