• Image of Weds Kranze "LXZ"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "LXZ"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "LXZ"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "LXZ"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "LXZ"

Kranze LXZ is one of the most popular and desired Kranze designs. The LXZ was first introduced as a true “Sport” luxury design, blending the more traditional Japanese sport design with added luxury touch. Kranze LXZ has been one of the top choice for many car builders from different style arena.

The three piece construction design provide array of rim lip sizes. Beautifully finished and construction quality. Kranze LXZ is a pure JDM icon!

The LXZ has two different Disk Face Type. FF and FR. The FF face type is only available with HI-MED-LO pad height. The less concave face yield better brake clearance, mostly used as front wheel to clear the larger front brake caliper. The FR face type is only available with S-Lo and WS-Lo pad height. Because most rear brake are smaller and require less brake clearance, so the contour can be concave without touching rear brake caliper. Can use as front wheel as long as the vehicle has smaller front brake caliper.

18 19 20 Inch

Email us for finishes and pricing, They are available in many options.

James Church

Dennis Tangonan

Rene Garcia

Custom order wheels 2 Month build and ship time.

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