• Image of Weds Kranze "Vishunu"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "Vishunu"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "Vishunu"
  • Image of Weds Kranze "Vishunu"

Kranze Vishunu is one of the most popular design among the Kranze series. The Kranze Vishunu is a clean spoke type design with key emphasis on the simplicity of the design and with high quality material and finish. Kranze Vishunu offer wider range of sizes compare to other Kranze models. This provide an added value for wide range of audience. The Kranze Vishunu appear on some of the wild build sports cars to luxury sedans and coupes, a very universal appealing design.

Every set of Kranze Vishunu include a Kranze Micro Emblem embedded to the disk edge.
(Please see detail in PDF Wheel Spec Sheet)

16 17 19 20 21 22 Inch

Email us for finishes and pricing, They are available in many options.

James Church

Dennis Tangonan

Rene Garcia

Custom order wheels 2 Month build and ship time.

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