About Vipdout


“Our goal is to produce the finest quality products that will enhance your experience and be worthy of your showpiece.”


   The company began in 2010, when it was realized that there was a growing interest in the Japanese automotive subculture. Primarly for wheels, custom body modifications, Japanese Domestic Manufactured conversion parts and interior luxury items. During this time only a few small businesses could source product internationally to satisfy the growing client base here in the states.

   Today, vip styling has grown exponentially and crossed over into what once was only a handful of platform automobiles to become more than a niche market. The scene has impacted a large popular venue called Speciality Equiptment Market Association in Las Vegas. In addition, Vipfest is an annual event heald in Southern California after SEMA every year and hosted by Autofashion. 

   What once would take months to source, can now arrive in a fraction of the time. The local companies have begun to offer products and service developed here that was difficult or unattainable in the past.

   We here at Vipdout are among those companies. Owner/CEO James Church has been in automotive customizing for over 15 years and pushing the limits for each of his builds. His innovative ideas, passion for automobiles, and drive have made an impact. 

   “Our focus is an essential piece of puzzle, which is custom interior styling. We believe that automotive expression should be realized throughout the vehicle customizing process. It is our pleasure to offer our products. We are committed to your build.”


   Our custom handcrafted tray tables are made here in the United States using high quality finishes. We can design a tray that will match your interior and provide accessories to complete your vision. 
   “We are excited to be apart of your journey and welcome you to be apart of ours.”


1. How do they mount?


We have trays that mount using existing screw holes in the glove box area, and also provide all mounting hardware, brackets, side support and also install instructions with each tray purchase. 

2. What styles are available for my make/model?


Our trays are universal and can fit many different applications. Please send us a message if you are not sure which tray will work best, we will get back with you ASAP, with an answer. 


3.How close can you match OEM woodgrain?


With the market opening up to many different finishes, we have over 150+ finishes in rear wood and also can stain to match your current woodgrains too, we will do our best, and many have been pleased too, keeping in mind, some cars have faded wood and it can be difficult to match off a few pictures, we want to ensure we do our best aswell and may request additional photos, in the sun or shade too, 

4.How long does the ordering process take?


Typically a viptray takes about 2-3 weeks for completion and also shipping, we can get behind from time to time but working with many local professionals to ensure processing each order on time. 

5.When can I expect my order to arrive?


Normally 3 weeks from time of purchase for custom viptrays, or items being drop shipped from japan. 

6. What is the preferred payment method?


We accept visa, MasterCard, and Paypal 

7. What is your return policy?


No refunds on custom orders, like viptrays, but we do offer refunds on some items from from our inventory like junction produce, bellezza, 

8.Is there a restocking fee?


Yes we have one for 15% if an order is canceled, 

9.Is there a deposit for my order?


We prefer payment in full prior to starting to work on viptrays. We have ben in business over 7 years and want to ensure everything moves smoothly along too ?? 





Our Mission Statement.

Vipdout  stands for what we have been building.

We all want  to stand out and be the best we can be.

To have the “Another Level” on the company name is another huge message.

This is overall a Brand, Not just another company that will come and go.

We will be in Business 5+ years Jan 2010, and we are proud to continue to offer so much more.

We offer Apparel, Vinyls, Custom Vip trays, Forum, Marketplace,and blog and much much more down the road.

Stay tuned

James Church : President of Vipdout

Dennis T : Guam Vendor

Rene Garcia : Vendor California.

Chris Abstein : Vendor Marketing

We have expanded to Japan, Tennessee Northern California, Southern California, and Guam.